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New! Power your audio server with our Ultra-low-noise 150 watt power supply. Featuring high-quality electronics designed from the ground up to reduce output noise -as low as 1.56mVp-p ripple and noise.

Our highest performance, low-profile, fanless HTPC ever! With over 75% increased thermal capacity, run high power 95 watt processors utilizing our solid-state HeatSync® Cooling System.

Complete System Builds - Fully assembled complete systems ready to run.  Built around the highest quality name brand components throughout. Each system is hand assembled and fully tested to ensure the highest in reliability. Choose from many options, save time by using our custom pre-built systems. Complete system builds are now available with all our HTPC and Set-Top PC systems.

Intel® Core™ i7 Haswell processors pre-installed in our Complete System builds or available separately. Low-power, high-performance Intel Core i7-4770T 45w processors are now in stock! HeatSync® CPU and chipset cooling system designed for the newest 4th Gen Intel Haswell motherboards and processors.

Our classic Low-profile, Fanless HTPC case with integrated HeatSync® Cooling System! Choose from a long list of standard options or have us custom design features to meet your needs.


News Video - Microsoft’s Steven Guggenheimer demonstrates our HeatSync 2500 Mini-Client configured as a Media Center Set-Top-Box.

New! Our Ultra-Slim Set-Top PC breaks new ground in set-top box design. With the unlimited capabilities of a PC, greatly expand the functionality of your television with this versatile system.

State-of-the-art! The HeatSync 7000 is our largest, highest-performance, silent Media PC enclosure featuring our proprietary HeatSync® cooling technology. From a long list of case options, we can build a custom system to meet your needs.

Our ultra-compact high-performance case designed for the new generation of mini-ITX motherboards. Totally silent operation featuring our proprietary HeatSync cooling technology.

HeatSync® STPC-300 Set-Top PC - The perfect companion to any TV! Expand your source of media for endless entertainment.
  • Record HD Digital Cable with (4) tuners
  • Program and record TV with Media Center
  • Stream Internet TV and Radio content
  • Stream NetFlix movies
  • Synchronize with iTunes
  • Playback music and video on local network
  • Access the Internet from your TV
HeatSync STPC-300 Set-Top PC
HeatSync STPC-300 Set-Top PC
HeatSync® STPC-300 Set-Top PC is available in the Classic horizontal chassis or new Micro-Tower vertical chassis design. The Micro-Tower design fits anywhere, next to your TV or up on a bookshelf. Mix and match different systems for every room.

Mass Storage 2500
Our beautiful Mass Storage 2500 is a perfect match to our HeatSync 2500 or HeatSync 7000 cases. Holds four 3.5" or eight 2.5" drives and features built-in hardware RAID with eSATA, or direct connect with multilane or SAS cable.

HeatSync NAS-8x 2.5 Series

HeatSync NAS-8x 2.5 Series - Compact and silent, this 8-drive network attached storage case has over 8TB capacity using low power 2.5" HDD's, PCIe SATA RAID, and Gigabit Ethernet.

New Design! - Silent, heavy-duty, isolated hard drive enclosure. Easy way to add storage to your media system. New chassis design features SAS or Multilane connections and holds either four 3.5" HDD's or eight 2.5" HDD's.

2.5" HDD to Dual PCI Bracket Kit

This drive bracket kit allows you to install up to three 2.5" HDD's into two free PCI slots. Works with any computer case.

2.5" HDD to IDE Bracket Kit

This drive bracket kit allows you to install up to two 2.5" HDD's into the space of a 3.5" IDE drive. Works with any computer case.



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