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 HeatSync NAS-8x 2.5 Series - Case Order Form

Faceplate Color

Black case with Black faceplate

Black case with Silver faceplate

The aluminum case and all aluminum brackets are treated by an anodizing process for corrosion protection and a long lasting uniform finish. The rear portion of chassis is black anodized. The faceplate and buttons can be either black or silver.
Black case with Black faceplate
Black case with Silver faceplate
Rack Mount

2U Rack Mount Faceplate

(1U case shown)

The one-piece rack mount faceplate incorporates rack mounting into the faceplate for a seamless look. The overall width of faceplate is 19". Oval mounting holes are centered at 18.312". Faceplate height is 3.50" (2U).
No rack mounting
With one-piece rack mount faceplate - add $40
Machined Billet Aluminum Case Feet

Billet Aluminum Case Feet


Enhance the appearance of your case with these machined billet aluminum case feet.


With Standard Rubber feet

With Black Aluminum Case Feet - add $20
With Silver Aluminum Case Feet - add $20

HeatSync® Cooling System

HeatSync® Cooling System

This HeatSync® Cooling system is required with the mini-ITX board. With the HeatSync® Cooling system installed, heat from the processor is transferred into the heatsink case for dissipation to the outside air.


  • Copper mounting base for processor
  • Two pre-bent heat pipes
  • Two aluminum clamping plates for heatsink
  • Required installation hardware


No HeatSync® Cooling System

Asus H170I-PLUS D3 (45w CPU max) - add $120 <--New Skylake MB

Asus Z87i-Deluxe (45w CPU max) - add $120

Gigabyte GA-Z87N-wifi (45w CPU max) - add $120

Intel DH77DF (45w CPU max) - add $120

SuperMicro X7SPA-H - add $100

VIA EPIA M830 motherboard- add $120

VIA EPIA SN1800G motherboard- add $120

VIA VB8001 motherboard- add $120

VIA EPIA EX1500G motherboard- add $120


Other motherboards not listed - add $120

Note: Most mini-ITX motherboards are supported including AMD and Intel mobile socket G2, processor used must be 45w or less.


Shipping and Ordering Information

When will the case ship?  

These cases are normally in stock and will ship with in 1-3 weeks depending on other options and color choice.


Quantity Discounts?

Discounts are available on orders of two or more cases. Contact A-Tech Fabrication for more information.


HeatSync® NAS-8x 2.5 Series Case ... $569 + options

Please select options above before adding to cart. Before checking out, be sure to add any additional accessories below so that they can be shipped with your case.



Case Accessories

Intel® Core™ i7 Skylake Processor
The 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processors deliver a new class of computing with a host of new features to power the next generation of desktop PCs. Expect lighting fast speeds and peak performance through even the toughest of tasks and games.

Note: These are OEM processors packaged in bulk trays. They are not available as a retail boxed set. Stock heatsink fan cooler is not included.

Core i7-6700T Skylake
  • 2.8 GHz clock
  • 3.8 GHz Turbo Mode
  • Quad Core, 8 Threads
  • Intel HD Graphics 530
  • 35 watts

$339 each

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound

Made With 99.9% Pure Silver, Arctic Silver 5 uses three unique shapes and sizes of pure silver particles to maximize particle-to-particle contact area and thermal transfer. Arctic Silver 5 also contains sub-micron zinc oxide, aluminum oxide and boron nitride particles. These thermally-enhanced ceramic particles improve the performance and long-term stability.
  • 3.5 gram tube
  • Made in the USA
$9.75 each
150 Watt DC-DC Power Converter

150 Watt DC-DC Power Converter

The picoPSU-150-XT is a compact high efficiency DC-DC converter that plugs directly into a 24-pin ATX MB connector. It features a built-in P4 power cable for the motherboard and a 4-pin Molex and SATA power connector for drives and accessories.
  • Over 96% efficiency
  • 24 pin ATX connector
  • 12 volts DC input
  • 150 watts output
  • 8A @ 12V
  • 6A @ 3.3V
  • 6A @ 5V
  • MTBF = 100,000 hours at 55C deg.
$49.50 each
150 Watt 12 Volt AC Power Adapter

150 Watt 12 Volt AC Power Adapter

Adapter Cable for 150w DC converter

Fanless AC-DC power adapter. No overload fan or vent slots in sealed housing. 150 Watts output is the perfect match for the 150 watt DC-DC converter.
  • 100-240 VAC input
  • 12 Volts Output
  • 12.5 Amps, 150 watts output
  • 160 watt peak
  • 4 pin mini-din jack connector
  • Adapter cable for 150w DC converter included




$49.50 each

PS-150-XT Extension Cable  

150 Watt PS with Extension Cable installed

This cable is used to add extra drive power connectors to the 150 Watt DC-DC Power Converter above. One end has a special connector to fit the extra header on the power supply, the other end has a standard SATA power connector and 4-pin Molex power connector.









PCI Express x1 Riser Card
Use this adapter to install a PCI Express x1 card into a PCIe x1, x4, or x16 slot on motherboard. 



PCI Express x4 Riser Card
Use this adapter to install a PCI Express x4 card into a PCIe x4 or x16 slot on motherboard. 



PCI Express Riser Card  
Use this angled riser to install a PCI Express x16, x8, x4, or x1 card into the PCIe slot on motherboard.



Serial ATA Power Adapter Cable

Adapts 5.25" IDE power cable to dual SATA HDD power connectors. Use this cable to power two SATA drives. Four power adapter cables are required to run eight drives in the NAS-8x Case.


$4.50 each  (four required)


IDE Power Cable Splitter

Single IDE power cable to dual IDE power cable splitter. Three IDE splitters are required to run eight drives in the NAS-8x Case.


$3.00 each  (three required)





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