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Detailed Information
  • 100% Made in the USA

  • Compact Media Center computer case
  • Low-noise, high-flow air-cooled design
  • Heavy-duty case absorbs and retains system noise and vibrations
  • High-end, precision machined, billet aluminum faceplate
  • Fanless external AC power adapter (optional)
  • Fanless internal high efficiency DC-DC converter (optional)
  • Designed for mini-ITX motherboards only
  • Standard slim-line, tray-loading Blu-ray drive mounting
  • Holds up to three 2.5" HDD's
  • USB 2.0 port on front panel
  • Low-noise 80mm case fan (optional)
  • Faceplate available with either black or silver anodized finish

  • Standard black powder-coated finish on chassis

  • Dimensions - 11" Width x 11" Depth x 3-1/4" Height (280W x 280D x 83H)mm
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Hand-crafted 100% in the USA from the finest materials and manufacturing processes available. The faceplate is precision machined from aluminum billet and anodized for outstanding looks. Available with a slot-load or tray-load faceplate and finished in black or silver to match existing components.


The BD-2000 Blu-ray Player, like all our cases, features unsurpassed attention to detail throughout. Each part is carefully designed for form and function, creating a beautiful entertainment PC enclosure that is at home even next to the finest audiophile components.


The heavy-duty chassis is designed for high-volume, low-pressure air-flow to keep the components inside cool while providing an exceptionally silent computer system.


Internally, the computer components are well laid out for equal heat distribution and easy servicing. The simple back panel allows for quick and easy connection to your external components.


For increased storage needs, the removable drive mounting brackets can hold up to three 2.5" hard drives.


By placing the outlet fan on the bottom of the chassis, a large 80mm fan can be utilized for low-noise, high-volume air flow.


With the CPU heatsink fan located below the air inlet vents in the top cover, a steady flow of cool outside air is directed onto the processor for reliable operation.


See the Case Order Form for more pictures and ordering information

NEW! This case is also available as a complete, fully assembled and ready to run system, see Complete Systems for details.



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