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HeatSync Three-Sixty Features:

  • 100% made in the USA

  • Heavy-duty chassis constructed from heat-treated aircraft quality aluminum

  • Modular heatsink system increases performance and functionality 

  • Large aluminum fins optimize natural convection cooling
  • Highly efficient HeatSync CPU cooling system transfers heat directly into chassis
  • Integrated HeatSync GPU video cooling system
  • DVD Drive Isolation System to eliminate noise from vibrations

  • Machined billet aluminum power, reset, and eject buttons

  • Infrared receiver and Wireless controller port built into faceplate

  • Thermally controlled exhaust fan -normally OFF

  • Green power and controller status LED's

  • Standard black anodized aluminum finish on chassis

  • Outstanding workmanship and finish quality

  • Dimensions - 17.50" wide x 9.25" deep x 3.25" high (+ 0.31" with feet)

Options Include:

  • Pre-built system including Xbox 360TM components

  • Memory card ports

  • Accessory ports

  • (2U) one-piece rack mount faceplate

  • Billet aluminum case feet

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The HeatSync Three-Sixty Case is a high-performance replacement case for the Microsoft Xbox 360TM. Designed from the ground up featuring our state-of-the-art HeatSync cooling technology to provide a quiet and reliable gaming system.


Each case is hand-crafted 100% in the USA from the finest materials and manufacturing processes available.  Carefully designed for form and function, the result is a beautiful enclosure that is at home even next to the finest audiophile components.


Every part on the case is carved from thick aluminum for extreme durability and outstanding looks.


Unsurpassed attention to detail is seen all throughout the case. The workmanship and finish is second to none.


The heavy-duty case forms one large heatsink. Heat produced inside the case is conducted into the large finned aluminum side panels and dissipated into the surrounding air. For quiet operation, the DVD drive floats on specially designed isolation pads which eliminate noise from vibration.


Highly efficient HeatSync cooling system transfers heat directly into chassis. No fans are required to cool the processor. The HeatSync base is precision machined from billet aluminum. Four large copper heatpipes conduct heat away from the processor and graphics chips.


A thermal switch is mounted on top of the CPU block. This switch will activate the chassis fan should temperatures get too high. Under normal operating conditions, the fan will never need to be switched on.


The rear panel is very simple with the external power connection on the left. On the right is the video and network connections. As noted above, the fan is thermally controlled and normally remains turned off.


Custom design your own case by selecting options such as memory card ports and accessory ports. We left these as optional features because we feel the clean look of the faceplate looks better without them.


The memory card ports are not required with the new Xbox 360 since all games and player information is stored on the hard drive. Some players may want to use a memory card to transfer player information from one system to another or for multi-player games on a friends system. For system upgrades, the faceplate can also be removed to access the port.


Another faceplate option is the accessory ports used for wired game controllers and other add-on devices. These are not needed if you use the standard wireless game controller included with the Xbox 360.


The HeatSync Three-Sixty can be rack mounted (how cool is that!) using our optional 2U one-piece rack mount faceplate. Now you can have a game system that matches the rest of your high end audio and video components.


** Xbox 360 is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation



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