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ATF-V500 Compact Precision Tilter

  • New and improved 2nd generation Precision Tilter
  • All new design is lighter and more compact for reduced mast loading
  • Strong all aluminum construction resists corrosion
  • Stainless steel pivot shaft rides on long life composite sleeve bearings
  • 45 degrees total angular motion, 25 degrees up, 20 degrees down.

  • Powered by a new smaller SuperJack III+ Actuator with 8" stroke
  • Use with most all Yagi style antennas (Blake, Channel Master, Radio Shack, Televes, Winegard) with either round or square boom tubes.
  • Works with any satellite dish controller

Advantages of Antenna Tilting:

  • Accurate positioning of an over the air (OTA) antenna provides the strongest signal possible, allowing you to tune in the weakest stations.

  • Long boom, high gain Yagi style antennas have a narrow beamwidth in both the horizontal and vertical planes and must be positioned correctly in both planes for best results. 

  • Vertical position is most important in areas where nearby mountains ridges and hills block direct line of sight. Vertical tilting allows you to pin point the direction of reflected signals.

  • Remote controlled positioning allows you to easily fine tune the optimum angle of your antenna in the comfort of your home.

All aluminum construction to reduce weight and resist corrosion. All pieces are precision machined and TIG welded for maximum strength. Stainless steel pivot shaft rides on long life composite sleeve bearings. The bearings are located in each flange of the swivel bracket. This gives the pivot assembly greater stability due to the widely spaced bearings. The entire assembly is impervious to corrosion.
The 8" stroke actuator is designed specifically for outdoor use and will provide years of trouble free operation. Internal reed sensors provide feedback to controller for accurate and repeatable positioning. The programmable satellite dish positioner provides accurate remote control of the tilter. Up to 100 positions can be stored in non-volatile memory. A digital readout provides a numerical reference of the antenna position.
Simple infrared remote allows you to move the tilter in fine steps using the left/right arrow buttons. Preset positions are accessed with the up/down arrow buttons. Preset positions are programmed from the remote. Controller has easy to use locking wire terminals. Four wires are used to control actuator, two for motor power (36VDC), and two for the feedback sensors.

Unit ships fully assembled and ready to install. Only other items needed are the controller and 4-wire cable. Installation is simple, just insert the tilter assembly into your rotator (such as the Channel Master 9521) and tighten the clamps. Your antenna is mounted to the tilter pivot using the included 1" U-bolts.

Note: For more detailed information please see the Installation Guide


ATF-V500 Compact Precision Tilter
  • Support mast with pivoting bracket

  • 8" stroke linear actuator

  • Antenna bracket for actuator

  • Stainless steel pivot shaft

  • Composite sleeve bearings

  • Zinc-plated hardware and U-bolts


$250   - Out of Stock
Antenna Position Controller
  • Microprocessor Controlled Circuitry

  • Power Failure Protection Circuitry

  • 100 Position Programmable

  • 4 Digit / 7 Segment LED Display

  • Programmable over-travel limits

  • Non-volatile Memory

  • Built-in Overload Protection

  • AC 110/220V-240V, 50/60Hz

  • DC 36V with 3A MAX

$115   - Out of Stock

Multi-conductor Control Cable
  • 4-wire jacketed cable

  • Shielded sensor wires

$0.40 (per foot)

   - Out of Stock



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