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ATF-V100 Compact Vertical Tilter

ATF-V100 Compact Vertical Tilter

shown with Dual Antenna Boom Assembly and JBX21WB antennas


  • Ultra-Compact and Ultra-Lightweight Design

  • Lightweight design reduces dynamic oscillating motion during high wind loading

  • Feedback potentiometer provides precise tuning, never goes out of sync!

  • Controller available with either analog or digital panel meter

  • Quick release RJ45 cable connectors for easy servicing

  • Works with most all Yagi style (Blake, Channel Master, Radio Shack, Televes, Winegard) antennas with either round or square boom supports

  • Short mast length reduces stress on horizontal rotator

  • Mast lengths available: 12", 18", 24", and 36" to suit any configuration

  • 40 degrees total angular motion, 30 degrees up, 10 degrees down

  • Unique compact antenna mounting brackets featuring vertically orientated U-bolts to prevent unwanted signal interference

  • Aircraft style rod end bearing linkage for zero play

  • Bronze bearings in main pivot for long lasting smooth operation

  • Precise TIG welded steel construction

  • Powder Coated for corrosion protection


Compact Vertical Tilter

Complete antenna tilting system includes:

  • Support mast with pivoting bracket

  • Rotary actuator with feedback potentiometer 

  • 12VDC controller with analog display

  • Connecting rod with spherical rod end bearings

  • Upper tie-rod  mounting bracket

  • Zinc-plated hardware and U-bolts

This tilter can be used with a single antenna or with a Dual Antenna Boom Assembly for stacking two antennas side by side. Order CC-CAT5 control cable separately.

$350 N/A


Control Cable

Category 5 cable, black, 50'

$30 N/A



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