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ATF-V200 Economy Tilter

ATF-V200 Economy Tilter

Shown with Channel Master 9521 rotator

and Channel Master 4248 antenna


  • Yagi style antennas generally have a narrow beamwidth in both the horizontal and vertical planes. This type of antenna can benefit greatly from accurate positioning.

  • Accurate positioning of a over the air (OTA) antenna produces the strongest signal possible. This allows you to tune in the weakest of stations.

  • Remotely-controlled positioning allows you to easily fine tune the optimum angle of the antenna from the comfort of your home.

  • Vertical position is extremely important in areas where nearby mountains ridges and hills block direct line of sight. Aiming the antenna towards the approaching signal produces the best results.

  • Vertical tilting and horizontal rotation allows you to pin-point the exact direction of the signal.


Accurate positioning


  • Lowest cost single antenna tilter available.

  • Works with most all Yagi style antennas (Blake, Channel Master, Radio Shack, Televes, Winegard) with center mast mounting

  • For dual antennas, see ATF-V300 Vertical Tilter

  • Designed around Channel Master rotator motor (not included), other similar mast mounted rotator motors should also work

  • Simple and rugged design to provide years of trouble free service.

  • 0-20 degrees total angular motion.

  • Bronze bearings in main pivot for long lasting smooth operation.

  • Precise TIG welded steel construction.

  • Powder Coated for corrosion protection.

Mast Pivot Details

Pivoting mast design allows use of standard antenna mast brackets


Economy Tilter


  • Support mast with pivoting bracket

  • Tie rod with two (2) spherical bearing rod ends

  • Lower crank lever for rotator

note: Requires Channel Master 9521 rotator or equal

$99 N/A




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