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ATF-X300 Precision Antenna

shown with new style Integrated Stacking Boom

and Compact Vertical Tilter


  • 14 director elements for the best balance between gain, beamwidth, size, and weight

  • Precision element sizing and positioning for strong signal reception across entire UHF band

  • Optimized reflector sizing for best F/B ratio and light-weight

  • Light-weight aluminum/nylon construction throughout for reduced mast loading in stacked applications

  • Small diameter element design for reduced wind loading

  • Almost half the weight of other 21 element antennas allows you to stack the antennas without overloading existing mast

  • Low-loss coax balun optimized for antenna


atf-x300_018.jpg (55512 bytes)

New light-weight construction


Precision Antenna


  • One antenna assembly

  • One coax balun

note: requires mounting system

$150 N/A


Mast mount for single antenna


  • One light-weight aluminum boom tube

  • Two black-nylon antenna/boom fittings

$30 N/A


Integrated Stacking Boom for Dual Antennas


  • One center boom tube

  • Two fiberglass fixed length boom tubes

  • Four black-nylon antenna/boom fittings

$95 N/A




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