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About A-Tech Fabrication

A-Tech Fabrication Company, located in southern California, was established in 1989. During the 80's and 90's, we specialized in designing and building state-of-the-art suspension systems and shock absorbers for high performance off-road racing vehicles. Our forward looking designs continually set new standards in suspension technology. We have taken the same high quality design and manufacturing  philosophies required to survive the punishment of off-road racing and applied them to our Home Theater Computer products. The result is a product that is built to last and does not cut corners when it comes to quality and performance. The high-end look of our products fit in well with the finest audio and video components making them a fine addition to any media room.

In 2001, A-Tech Fabrication released the revolutionary Heatsink 3000 case. The Heatsink 3000 was the first case ever designed specifically for the home theater. No other home theater case was available anywhere at the time. Carved out of thick aluminum plate, this innovative new case featured a host of options that we originated including the built-in Touch-Screen Display, the VFD Display, the Infrared Receiver, DVD Control Buttons, and the PowerMate volume/control knob. The very compact size made this case perfect for any media cabinet. Our Heatsink 3000 case broke new ground on what would soon be a popular form of computer chassis. The Heatsink 3000 case has since been replaced by the new Heatsink 3500 case.

Recording and playing back media has always been the primary goal for many Home Theater Systems built. And with that need, there was never enough storage. In 2002, A-Tech Fabrication released the Mass-Storage 4x.  This case was designed to hold four 3.5" HDD's that could be easily attached to your main system greatly increasing it's storage capacity. The Mass Storage 4x created a totally silent enclosure by utilizing a proprietary system for isolating the vibration of the drives. The case would also absorb the heat from the drives and transfer the into it massive heatsink case. The Mass-Storage 8x soon followed which held eight 3.5" HDD's.

In the years to follow, Home Theater Computers became very popular, so much so that Microsoft introduced their Media Center Edition (MCE) operating system which was designed specifically for the home theater computer. With the added features of MCE, Microsoft made the OS simpler and easier to integrate with media playback and recording.

In a move toward saving power and building smaller systems, Intel designed low-power processor chips and chipsets to allow systems to run cooler and more quietly. Soon motherboards and video cards began to include features that made setting up the systems easier like supporting HDTV resolutions and digital audio output -in the early years, users had to hack methods to achieve these tasks and it was not always simple even for advanced users.

In 2004, A-Tech Fabrication released the HeatSync 6000 case. The HeatSync 6000 was the first case designed for solid state passive cooling. By utilizing heatpipes and massive heatsinks integrated into the chassis, the heat produced by the system was transferred into the case and cooled using only natural convection. The HeatSync cooling systems allowed systems to run cooler and quieter with no fans. The HeatSync 6000 was also a very compact case yet could fit a full-sized ATX MB, seven expansion cards, ATX power supply, and a wide selection of full-size DVD drives. The HeatSync 6000 has since been replaced by the new HeatSync 7000 case which has almost twice the thermal capacity of the 6000.As components developed with more integrated features, running seven expansion cards and full-size motherboards was no longer required when building a Home Theater Computer. Now many of the features that required add-on cards were included in the motherboards and video cards. And as motherboards shrank in size going from ATX, to micro-ATX, and now mini-ITX, we could also shrink down our cases.

In 2006, A-Tech Fabrication developed the low-profile, high-performance HeatSync 2500 Mini-Client. This case was designed around a low-power mini-ITX motherboard. At that time, mini-ITX MB's did not include advanced built-in video, so the system still relied on a add-on video card. The 2500 Mini-Client featured HeatSync cooling for both the motherboard's CPU and chipset, as well as the video cards GPU. And with a integrated fanless DC power supply, the entire system was completely fanless.

With network speeds increasing and the demand for added storage even greater, we developed the first silent network attached storage system - the Mass Storage NAS4x. The NAS4x utilized the same proprietary system for isolating the vibration of the drives as the Mass Storage 4x but with a mini-ITX MB added for network connectivity. Now you could add clients into any room and still have access to a single large library of media files located on the NAS4x.

In 2008, we developed HeatSync 2500 Mini-Client Blu-ray Player. This special version of our 2500 case was designed around the new Intel DG45FC motherboard. The Intel DG45FC mini-ITX motherboard integrated high performance video and audio into the MB chipset. Capable of outputting high-definition video for Blu-ray playback, there was no longer a need for a separate video card. This allowed the use of other add-on cards for increased functionality such as TV tuners for recording TV programs or RAID cards for adding more storage capacity.

With 2.5" hard drives getting faster, larger, and more cost effective, we developed the HeatSync NAS-8x 2.5 Series case. Totally fanless and supporting up to nine HDD's, it was now possible to create large low-powered network attached storage systems. The small 2.5" drives use a fraction of the power as a 3.5" HDD which keeps the system running cool for better reliability and runs practically silent allowing this NAS to be placed in any room.

In 2009, with mini-ITX MB's now capable of delivering high-definition video and audio, we added the ultra-compact HeatSync 300 Micro-Client and low cost BD-2000 Blu-ray Player cases. These small cases were built around the mini-ITX form factor and utilize low power 2.5" hard drives and slim-line DVD/Blu-ray drives. The HeatSync 300 Micro-Client is the smallest passively cooled HeatSync case capable of running powerful high-performance processors.

Although the move to smaller systems is now possible, full feature components are still needed when building demanding systems. With the release of high powered processors such as the Intel quad-core i7 and high-powered video cards, the need for high capacity cooling was required. The HeatSync 7000 case was designed to fill this need. With it's massive heatsink fins, this case can output the heat of even the most demanding gaming system. The integrated HeatSync cooling system is specifically designed around each motherboard and processor to evenly distribute the heat into the chassis for silent convection cooling.

 In the future, you can be sure A-Tech Fabrication will be leading the way. Our products continually evolve to be the best by utilizing the latest in cutting edge technology. We take pride in producing products that are 100% made in the USA.


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