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Detailed Information - Case Order Form

Case Order Form

Optical Drive

Faceplate is machined for a slim-line slot-loading optical drive and includes a custom machined eject button. All models use a SATA interface.
No optical drive or slot in faceplate
With DVD reader/writer + $75
With Blu-ray reader/writer + $185
Faceplate Color  

Black case with silver faceplate

The aluminum case and all aluminum brackets are treated by an anodizing process for corrosion protection and a long lasting uniform finish. The rear portion of chassis is black anodized. The faceplate and buttons can be either black or silver.
Black case with Black faceplate
Black case with Silver faceplate
Rack Mounting  

Rack Mount Faceplate

Case can be provided with a one-piece 19" faceplate for rack mounting. This plate is 5.25" tall (3U) and 19" wide. Slotted and recessed holes are machined to accommodate rack mounting screws.


No Rack Mounting

With 19" Rack Mount Faceplate - add $85

Touch Screen
Faceplate is custom machined to fit a Xenarc 700TS LCD Touch Screen. The display can be used for operator input, previewing movies, or a Windows desktop. An infrared remote is included to turn the display on/off and control brightness, contrast, and display position settings. Connects to port on video card.
No Display
With Touch Screen + $485
VFD Display
Faceplate is machined for a Matrix Orbital 4x20 VFD display. These displays can be used for many purposes such as Song and Movie Titles or Diagnostic Info. Includes a blue filter which looks nice with our blue power LED. Programming is required for display to function, there are apps such as Girder which has many plug-ins for common uses and simplifies programming.
With VFD Display + $195
DVD Push Button Controls

DVD Push Button Controls

Face plate is machined with cutouts to fit five custom machined push buttons. These buttons can be programmed to control software such as a DVD player. Button assembly comes pre-wired with header connector. This connector plugs into to the keypad connector on the Matrix Orbital display. Includes five (5) machined aluminum buttons, five (5) momentary switches, wire harness, and hardware.

Note: DVD Push Button Controls must be combined with VFD Display option.

No DVD Push Button Controls
With DVD Push Button Controls - add $75
USB Port

USB 2.0 Port

Face plate is machined with cutout to fit a USB 2.0 port adapter. Internal cable plugs into the USB header on your motherboard. Standard port location is in the lower right corner. We can also add more ports if needed, please contact us for more information.

No USB Port
With USB Port - add $25
Fan Block-off Plate or Grill
The case is designed to be cooled using just the power supply fan. Select the block-off plates for most average systems. For dual video card or hot gaming systems, choose the fan grills for use with 60mm case fans (fans not included).

With Fan Block-off Plates

With Fan Grills and Screws

Hard Drive Isolation Mounting  
The case includes isolation mountings for a single 3.5" HDD. A second HDD can be added if needed. These extra mounts can be added later. Includes four step screws and four isolation grommets.

With single HDD isolation mounts

With dual HDD isolation mounts - add $15

Machined Billet Aluminum Case Feet
Enhance the appearance of your case with these machined billet aluminum case feet. The standard rubber feet fit inside these aluminum feet and can be upgraded later.


With Standard Rubber feet

With Black Aluminum Case Feet - add $25
With Silver Aluminum Case Feet - add $25

Shipping and Ordering Information

These cases are custom made to your order. You may add additional options after work on your case has begun, however some changes may affect shipping time. If there is a custom option you would like to have that is not listed above, please contact us for a special quote. Options can also be added to your case at a later date, you only pay for the option plus a small refinishing fee.

When will the case ship?  

Standard lead time is 2-3 weeks.


Quantity Discounts?

Discounts are available on orders of two or more cases. Contact A-Tech Fabrication for more information.


Heatsink 3500 Case .... $469 + options selected above

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