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Antenna Testing Data

Testing Date: 12/08/01

Results Definition:

  • XX-XX = Measured signal strength level

  • 0-XX-XX = Signal locks on briefly but keeps dropping out

  • 0-50 = Signal was detected but not able to lock

  • 0 = No signal detected

Note: Signal level refers to the Dish 6000 indicator which measures the signal quality based on percentage of errors. As long as the indicator stays above 48-50%, the signal will lock. I assume that if you have over 50% errors, the Dish 6000 does not have enough good signal to decode properly. A reading of 100% would indicate no errors in signal. I have found that at 47% I will see pixelation in the picture and below 46% the picture will drop out completely.

Test #1

Test #2

Test #3


During this test, the long distance channels from San Diego (130 miles) were difficult to pick up due to poor weather conditions. It does show what each antenna can do in these conditions. I cannot conclude the inability for any antenna to pick up certain stations. I will be conducting more tests soon when weather conditions improve.


  • Maintains a very steady signal on the local Mt. Wilson stations, a good indication of the ability to block out multi-path interference

  • Long distance channel performance about average, possibly due to the antenna being a WB (wideband channels 14-69) version bringing the peak gain down a little

  • Solid construction, but slightly heavy from the solid rod director elements


  • Narrow band group "A" antenna tuned to the lower channel range (channels 14-35), channels above ~30 did not tune in at all

  • Strong signals in the lower channel range, but the signal strength levels seemed to fluctuate a little more than other antennas tested

  • Antenna is very large (about 14' long and 3' wide) and fairly heavy

  • Channel Master 9251 rotator not strong enough to stay in synchronization after several back and forth tuning adjustments. I recommend a professional type rotator for everyday use with this antenna

Televes Pro-Range 1046 (Dat75)

  • Multi-path rejection average, could not pick up the most difficult  local channels

  • Long distance performance was average, on the stations it did pick up, the signal levels were lower than the others tested

  • Antenna is one of smallest and lightest of those tested, great for attic installs

  • Very light weight and sturdy construction

  • The clear anodize finish is very nice

  • The very large, mustard yellow colored,  plastic bulkheads were kind of ugly and unnecessary. A narrow streamline version of the bulkheads would be cleaner looking and have less wind load, however the thin-wall injection molding work was very precise


  • Simple Yagi design using unique formed sheet metal directors

  • Good, inexpensive antenna for locations with a decent line of sight and less than about 65 miles from transmitter

  • Multipath rejection below average based on the local channel performance tests

  • Long distance performance is below average compared to the others tested

  • Low cost, readily available, and light weight makes this a popular antenna

  • Definitely worth a try in nearby locations with a decent line of site


  • This is a precision custom built antenna not available to the public

  • Long distance performance is good. Signal strength levels were generally a little higher and more stable for each station than the other antennas tested

  • Unable to pick up some of the difficult upper-band local channels (59, 65, 66) probably due to multi-path interference

  • All elements are adjustable, allowing the antenna to be very fine tuned, however this feature is for  development work only

  • Antenna is not in production, it is just a prototype.


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