Antenna Testing Data

Testing Date: 12/08/01

Results Definition:

Note: Signal level refers to the Dish 6000 indicator which measures the signal quality based on percentage of errors. As long as the indicator stays above 48-50%, the signal will lock. I assume that if you have over 50% errors, the Dish 6000 does not have enough good signal to decode properly. A reading of 100% would indicate no errors in signal. I have found that at 47% I will see pixelation in the picture and below 46% the picture will drop out completely.

Test #1

Test #2

Test #3


During this test, the long distance channels from San Diego (130 miles) were difficult to pick up due to poor weather conditions. It does show what each antenna can do in these conditions. I cannot conclude the inability for any antenna to pick up certain stations. I will be conducting more tests soon when weather conditions improve.



Televes Pro-Range 1046 (Dat75)