Computer System Design

For two decades, A-Tech Fabrication has specialized in building high-performance computer systems for many industries around the world. Our unique designs solve problems for which off-the-shelf solutions cannot provide. We can customize our standard units or design completely new systems to customer specifications.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Custom clean sheet of paper designs
  • Thermal analysis of existing cooling systems
  • Develop systems to meet specifications
  • Cooling systems for CPU's and motherboards
  • Integrated cooling for PCIe adapter cards
  • Custom designed rear panels and faceplates
  • Integrated ports for external connectors
  • Custom internal and external cables
  • CNC machine, laser-etch, silkscreen lettering
  • Color anodizing, powder-coating, plating
Thermal Testing
HeatSync 7000

HeatSync 7000

Our largest high performance, silent ATX size computer featuring state-of-the-art heat pipe cooling technology for quiet operation in gaming computers.

  • 150 watt CPU cooling system
  • 125 watt Video card cooling system
  • ATX and extended ATX size motherboard
  • 850+ watts silent ATX power supply
HeatSync 300

HeatSync 300

Our smallest, high-performance computer chassis ever. The ultra compact silent computer is ideal for small audio servers and industrial applications.

  • 60 watt CPU cooling system
  • mini-ITX size motherboard
  • 1/2 height PCIe expansion card slot
  • External 150 watt silent power supply
HeatSync 2500

HeatSync 2500

Our classic low-profile HTPC case with integrated HeatSync Cooling System. Fits full size PCIe card with custom designed cooling systems for the highest in reliability.

  • 90 watts CPU cooling system
  • 45 watts full-height PCIe expansion card
  • mini-ITX size motherboard
  • External 150 watt silent power supply
HeatSync 2800

HeatSync 2800

Our highest performance, low-profile, fanless computer chassis. The massive heatsink fins provide plenty of thermal capacity to run the highest power processors and motherboards.

  • 120 watts CPU cooling system
  • 45 watts 1/2 height PCIe expansion card
  • mini-ITX size motherboard
  • External 150 watt silent power supply
T-1000 DAC

T-1000 Low-Noise DAC

The T-1000 is a compact Low-Noise Digital to Analog Converter allowing you to playback digital files from your PC or MAC through the USB port and output high quality analog stereo sound directly to your headphones, amplifier, or audio receiver.

  • CNC machined from solid aluminum
  • Stainless access panel reduces EMI noise
  • USB-C port provides 5 volts DC
  • Hand polished black anodized finish