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Detailed Information
The HeatSync 7000 is our largest, highest-performance enclosure featuring our proprietary HeatSync cooling technology. Ideal for building a gaming system or powerful video server. Customize your system from a long list of optional features.
  • 100% Made in the USA

  • Heavy-duty chassis constructed from heat-treated aircraft quality aluminum

  • Modular heatsink system increases performance and functionality 

  • Large aluminum fins optimize natural convection cooling
  • Highly efficient HeatSync CPU cooling system transfers heat directly into chassis
  • Integrated HeatSync® GPU video card cooling system  (optional)
  • HDD Isolation System to eliminate noise from vibrations

  • Machined billet aluminum power and eject button

  • Designed for ATX or mATX size motherboard

  • Fits ATX power supply up to 170mm in length

  • Holds expansion cards up to 11.50" long

  • Low profile, slim-line, slot-loading optical drive mounting

  • Mounting for one 3.5" hard drive or two 2.5" hard drives

  • Faceplate available with either black or silver anodized finish

  • Standard black anodized finish on chassis

  • Outstanding workmanship and finish quality

  • Dimensions - 17-1/2" wide x 12.50" deep x 6-1/2" high (+ 3/8" with feet)

Options Include:

  • HeatSync Cooling System for processor
  • HeatSync Cooling System for video card
  • Touch-screen display

  • VFD display

  • DVD control buttons

  • USB port

  • 4U one-piece rack mount faceplate

  • Billet aluminum case feet

The HeatSync 7000 Case is our highest-performance, silent entertainment PC enclosure featuring state-of-the-art HeatSync cooling technology.
Each case is hand-crafted 100% in the USA from the finest materials and manufacturing processes available.  Carefully designed for form and function, the result is a beautiful enclosure that is at home even next to the finest audiophile components.
Every part on the case is carved from thick aluminum for extreme durability and outstanding looks.
Unsurpassed attention to detail is seen all throughout the case. The workmanship and finish is second to none.


The silent design requires no case fans. The heavy-duty case forms one large heatsink. Heat produced inside the case is conducted into the large finned aluminum side panels and dissipated into the surrounding air. Hinged top panel allows for fast and easy access to inside of case. Just lift the cover and all major components are within easy reach.
Internally, the computer components are well laid out for equal heat distribution and easy servicing. Designed to fit a standard ATX power supply, ATX motherboard, and PCIe video card.
A HeatSync® cooling system is also used to cool the video card processor. Highly efficient HeatSync® CPU cooling system transfers heat directly into chassis. No fans are required to cool the processor.
Extreme version of our HeatSync® cooling system is available with our "Complete System" packages.
A HeatSync® 7000 case has many options to choose from. Shown above is our 4U rack mount faceplate with touch screen in black for that elegant industrial look.

See the Order Form for more information and pricing.

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