What is the best antenna system?

Currently the best antenna system for fine tuning very weak signals is a pair of high gain JBX21WB antennas mounted to a horizontal boom and vertical tilter. Antennas should be placed 36" apart on horizontal boom measured between centers. This assembly is then mounted on top of a horizontal rotator attached to the end of a well supported mast. Mast recommendations are two 10 foot sections of mast (20' total) with guy wires terminated at the top of mast just below the rotator. Another set of guy wires at 10' will add extra rigidity to mast. Mast should be mounted to roof within 5' of highest point on roof. Minimum mast height is 15' above highest point on roof or 30' above ground with no obstructions. Antennas are connected to each other with a coax phasing harness. The down feed to set-top-box is RG-11 quad-shield coax for lowest signal loss. I do not recommend using a pre-amp with this system unless you plan to feed multiple STB's or have a coax run over 200'.

The parts you will need: 

(2) Blake JBX21 high gain Yagi antennas 

(1) Vertical Tilter 

(n') Control Cable

(1) Antenna Boom

(1) Center Boom Bracket

(1) Phasing Harness

(1) Signal combiner 

(n') Coaxial down feed cable

 (1) Horizontal Rotator 

(20') Mast

(3) Guy wires and termination hardware (available form local hardware store)

(1) Adjustable mast support base (available form local hardware store)