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Detailed Information
  • 100% Made in the USA

  • High performance silent hard drive enclosure
  • Passively Cooled Design - No Fans!
  • Ridged construction cancels noise from vibration
  • Isolated inner chassis transfers heat by radiation to outer case
  • Sealed enclosure prevents sound from escaping -no vent holes
  • Four (4) SATA hard drive capacity
  • Direct Connect with SAS cable or Multi-Lane cable
  • Faceplate is machined to match our other cases
  • Optional 1U one-piece rack mount faceplate
  • Available with black or silver anodized faceplate
  • Outstanding workmanship and finish quality

  • Dimensions - 17.50" wide x 11" deep x 1.75" high (2-1/8" high with feet)
Compact drive storage system holds four 3.5" SATA hard drives. Easy way to add storage to your media system. Multiple cases can be stacked on top of each other for more capacity as your media collection grows. Low profile case is only 1.75" tall. A optional 1U one-piece rack mount faceplate is available for mounting into standard 19" racks.
Passive cooling design provides quiet operation. Heat is dissipated throughout the entire thick walled case. Thick billet aluminum plates along both sides of the case provides a "highway" for effective heat transfer.  The sturdy outer case shell also prevents sound waves from being transmitted through the case and with no vent holes, the sound waves remain inside the case.
Inside the outer case shell is the isolated inner chassis which holds the hard drives.  The inner chassis is held very close to the outer case shell only making contact at the four isolation pads. With just a thin gap between the opposing inner and outer plates, heat is transmitted by radiation to the outer shell without any mechanical contact.
With the top outer and inner panel removed, you can see that the drives are very easy to connect. The internal DC power supply is very small yet provides up to 120 watts of power. Several different rear panel connection options are available for connecting to the host PC.
The four hard drives are contained within the heavy inner chassis. The aluminum inner chassis assembly forms a stiff structure which acts as a large heatsink to absorb heat from the drives.
The heavy inner chassis floats on small isolation pads to dampen vibrations from the drives. With isolation pads on both sides of the chassis, the inner assembly can float within the outer case shell. This is much more effective than just isolating the drives by themselves. But more importantly, this system allows heat to be transferred away from the drives. Extremely durable pads are specially designed for this application. The size and firmness are finely tuned to the weight of the inner drive chassis. The animated picture above shows how the material swallows up the screwdriver blade, yet returns to its normal state immediately with no compression set. This ensures the pad will not lose its shape and effectiveness over time.
Also available is the optional rack mounting which only uses a 1U space allowing you to pack lots of storage into a small area.
See the Case Order Form for more pictures and ordering information



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